Becoming Enriched

Wellness, Personal Development, and Mental Health

The Mission: Create an environment that enriches the souls of all who desire it

The Vision: Make a community

In recent years humans have become more globally connected than ever. We’ve created technologies that have changed the world, connected people from different parts of the world and even cured polio. And yet we are there most depressed, anxious, overweight, medicated, and lonely adult cohort in US history. This has to change. We aren’t a community anymore. We don’t know our neighbors, we’re not actively involved in causes that are important to us, or making new friends and connections. At Becoming Enriched we are fighting to fix that. Love, expression, and belonging can enrich our lives far more than anything of monetary value.

My name is Monique Williamson. I’m a Marriage and Family therapist, a bibliophile, an over enthusiastic foodie, a traveler, a dreamer, and a logic lover.  I started this blog because it was about time I opened up instead of having others open up to me. I want to open up to new possibilities, to new opportunities, the deepest parts of me. I’m on a crazy adventure to  create the life I’ve always been dreaming of.

Questions and tips to evaluate your experiences

We’ve all lived through good and bad experiences, even embarrassing, joyful,  frustrating, and regretful experiences. One thing all these have in common is the ability to teach. All experience is educational. Even when we have done something a hundred times we always...

Chakras 101

Root Chakra  The root chakra is our first energy center and is located at the base of the spine. It provides the foundation of our life -  representing survival, safety, security, and stability. The root chakra provides the links between our energetic system and the...

Tips for Finding the Right Therapist

Check with your insurance! Not all therapists accept all insurance. Check with your provider before starting your search. They should be able to provide you with a list of covered providers in your area.  Pro tip: Depending on how many sessions you are allocated per...

20 Journal Prompts

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash    Journaling allows us the opportunity to become intimate with our mind and soul. In a journal is where manifestation can often begin.  There are things that we are too afraid to put into words however when we journal it...