There are so many articles written on introverts and how they can manage life surrounded by people. Well, now it’s time to help the extroverts among us. Us introverts have been unknowingly preparing for a quarantine our whole lives but for people who seek the presence of others, this is a rough transition.  Here are nine tips and tricks to use to survive social distancing and quarantine. 

1. Call friends and family especially those over 65

Wisdom is only gained through time and experience. Our most vulnerable are the wisest among us. Spend some time chatting with the elders in your life. Ask them about their childhood, ask them about the historical events they lived through (MLK assassination, JFK assassination, civil rights movement, Michael Jackson’s Thriller album, The Beatles, Vietnam war), ask about their parents, ask for their recipes for cooking, cleaning, and living!

2. Video chat with your squad

Zoom, hangouts, Marco Polo, facetime, and many other platforms are perfect for keeping in contact. My personal favorite is Marco Polo. You can record a message and it will be waiting for your friends when they have time to watch. It’s also perfect for the MIA friend, (we all have at least one) they can catch up on all the news instead of making everyone repeat their story a second time. 

3. Host a virtual happy hour

Well, the world is closing for business and that means happy hour may be starting earlier than planned! Grab a drink and hang out with your friends!! Plan a game night, answer trivia, play never have I ever! The options are endless.

4. Volunteer online

In the wake of Covid-19, we are all making adjustments and that includes how we volunteer. A number of charities have made it possible to give back to the community from the comfort and safety of home. 

  • VolunteerMatch: Lists ways to support a broad range of causes, including education, the environment, homelessness and many more.
  • United Nations Volunteers (UNV): Connects volunteers to opportunities to address sustainable development challenges around the world.
  • All for Good: Includes detailed descriptions of volunteer positions as well as estimated time commitments.

5. Start a virtual book club

There are so many ways to access books from home, kindle, audible, nook etc and most importantly your local beloved library. Most libraries in the country partner with an ebook company to provide ebooks and audiobooks for FREE!

6. Attend concerts online

The arts community is showing up for the people as always. Many musicians and artists are hosting live concerts from their homes. There are numerous plays to watch for free. Museums are giving free tours and there are even free opera shows. 

7. Watch Netflix

Netflix recently launched Netflix Party to allow all of your friends to watch a movie together. Now you guys will have something to talk about in the group chat!

8. Arts and crafts

Pinterest amirite! Make sure to head over to Jo-Ann Fabrics or Home Depot to grab those last-minute craft items. 

9. Go outside

Unless you are in a city that is in a full lockdown you are still allowed the freedom to roam outside. Find a local trail or nature preserve to commune with nature. Going stir crazy is real.