Monique E. Williamson


My name is Monique Williamson. I’m a Marriage and Family therapist, a bibliophile, an over enthusiastic foodie, a traveler, a dreamer, and a logic lover.  I started this blog because it was about time I opened up instead of having others open up to me. I want to open up to new possibilities, to new opportunities, the deepest parts of me. I’m on a crazy adventure to  create the life I’ve always been dreaming of.

Mental health has been a passion of mine since I was 11 years old. I knew then that I wanted to become a therapist because I was that girl who always wanted to listen to others but also tell them what they were doing wrong. Thankfully a few things have changed for the better since then. I went through a lot of twists and turns in my life to get me to this point. I complete my Bachelor’s degree at Ohio University and Masters at the University of Nebraska. Started and dropped out of a Ph.D. program. Worked as a counselor for preschoolers at Head Start. Complete a software development and UX program. Most recently working as a dual-diagnosis (mental health and addictions) counselor.  

I came to the realization that while being a therapist is what I want to do, the traditional model isn’t how I want to do it. I love helping others see the goodness in themselves and bring more of that into the world. Working with people to lead better, kinder, and more enriched lives was always my goal. So when I went back to the drawing board I kept the goal but changed the plan. Now my plan is to help others improve outside of an office where my wanderlust can roam free.