Individual Wellness Coaching

Do you feel something inside yourself pushing you towards more? Are you unsatisfied with your life? Do you feel capable of more? You don’t have to fight your battle alone. Hire a wellness coach to help you get on track and stay there. Monique offers holistic plans that address health, relationships, career, influence, and finance plans. Reach out to Monique as soon as possible to start making changes in your life.

Take care of your body and mind

Not sure if a wellness program is right for you? Here are a few things to know about Monique’s wellness plans:

Monique offers one-on-one training

Each plan is personalized to the clients’ needs and goals

Monique provides services on either a monthly or six-month basis. Monthly clients meet with Monique once a week, whereas six-month clients meet twice a month.

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What is Corporate Wellness?

The purpose of Corporate wellness is to improve the health, life satisfaction and work environment of employees. Every office has a culture and too many are focused on flaws, deficiency and sickness. If you want to turn your office culture into one that focuses on wellness, it is imperative that employers invest resources into giving employees the knowledge and resources to increase their wellbeing. 

Enriched LLC is an upcoming leader in corporate wellness in Charlotte, North Carolina, and the surrounding communities. The team can work with you and your employees to improve health and morale, as well as work and personal relationships. 

What are the benefits of corporate wellness?

The purpose of a corporate wellness program is to keep your employees fulfilled and productive. The benefits of wellness programs include

  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Increased productivity
  • Decreased employee conflict
  • Decreased turnover

The personal benefits for your employees are improved mental health, nutrition, time and stress management, energy and confidence. These personal benefits are not confined to the workplace. These benefits can improve stress at home and improve personal relationships.  

The team at Enriched LLC includes a licensed mental health therapist, which gives the team additional knowledge and know how for many wellness needs. Enriched LLC is focused on taking a holistic approach to wellness. The team helps people improve communication and social skills, learn more about how physical health and nutrition impact our lives, and mental health.  

Positive psychology supports the ideal that putting more effort into what makes us happy is an equally as worthy an endeavor as focusing on what is wrong.  

To learn more about the corporate wellness program at Enriched LLC schedule a consultation using the online booking tool!